13 de abril de 2011

V/A Mystic-Let´s Die LP (1985)

Increible recopilatorio de bandas tan grandes como Ill Repute o False Confession.

False Confession - Inside
Subterfuge - The Noose
A.W.O.L. – Hellhouse
Patrick Mata - Let's Die
Thieves Cross - Slaughter Hotel
Party Doll - Darkest Dream
The White Pigs - When Bobby Comes Back from the Grave
The Mess - Innocent Me
Ill Repute - In the Night
Slaughterhouse 5 - Kill the Dead
Burning Image – Hives
The Drab - Bad Brains
Silver Chalice – Suicide
Samson's Army - The Edge
The Stain - Day of the Jackal
Flower Leperds – Necrology
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