14 de agosto de 2010

Social Circkle-City Shock (2009)

1. City Shock
2. Finger On The Switch
3. Third Shift
4. Vacant Lot
5. Drunk Cop
6. What's So Great?
7. Out Of Focus
8. Problem Child
9. Pills
10. Under Suspicion
11. So Old

After a few years, Boston’s Social Circkle finally steps up with a full-length, possibly waiting for that “diagonal line HC” tag they received to fade a bit. Whatever that shit meant (possibly a UK or Swedish influence, fashion that wasn’t there, etc.), it’s more stringently enforced here than in the singles; the record is pretty much fast-into-faster hardcore with a very slight rock/garage bent, meaning they play like the Hives at their speediest, and then a little bit even more sped up – precise and slashing and cleanly produced. Singer Christian Pedro barks at you, passing judgment on drugs, alcohol, cops, and not being cool, putting the appropriate proto-conservative spin back into early edge (no songs about guns being OK though). I might have had enough of these guys, but this is a fun time, fleet of foot and bracing ideals, and a pretty solid place to get off the bus. I did like them better around the time of their demo, which slugged along in a Sorry/Burma sorta way. “Drunk Cop,” from that tape, made it to this record; compare the two and you’ll probably agree. 200 were on some color of vinyl I missed out on. (http://www.nowayrecords.com)
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