17 de febrero de 2011

The Crowd - A World Apart+Bonus Tracks (1980)

The year was 1978. The place was Huntington Beach, California. The band was The Crowd. And nothing would ever be the same again. The Crowd were in the vanguard of the Orange County beach punk explosion of the late 1970s. They helped create and define a timeless sound which remains influential even today, over two decades later.
Pues eso mitica banda de OC con un sonido similar bandas de esos lares como Agent Orange, Surf/Punk.
Something Said
Can't Talk
Right Time
Desmond and Kathy
As You Were (Tomorrow)
On My Own
Plasure Seeker
What's In a Name
Melody Hill
Modern Machine
New Crew
Suzy Is A Surf Rocker
Living In Madrid
Trix Are For Kids
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