14 de enero de 2011

Bark Hard-The National Band of Texas (1985)

No tengo mucha idea de esta banda de Texas, pero metere esta reseña que es la que rula por los Blogs. A mi me recuerdan mucho a bandas como Agression o T.SO.L, tambien añadir que en esta banda el guitarra es John "TEX" Gibson, mitico Skaters de los 80s.

Straight-ahead / fast-as-fuck / chaotic / Zorlac--shreddin' skatecore from Houston, TX. fronted by none other than John "Tex" Gibson & Todd Prince - both major (pro) players in the Texas skate(rock) scene back in the eighties. John can still rip it these days - I'm assuming Todd does as well, and while this isn't your usual "tough guy" hardcore, it is without a doubt a solid piece of hardcore / skate rock history. "Skaterock" as a sub-genre hasn't held up real well over the years (if at all, really), and these guys were better than most of the pack - that goes for skating ability as well as rockin' ability, by the way.Goes down down great with some snapback-gnarlers on fat coping (followed by a couple cold ones, bro)...

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