24 de noviembre de 2010

Saccharine Trust - Paganicons (1981)

Although Greg Ginn's record label SST was, early on, associated with the angry, overamped guitar rant of SoCal hardcore (some of which came courtesy of Ginn's own band Black Flag, SST was also recording bands that pushed the limits of hardcore. Bands like Minutemen, U Congress Of Universal, and especially Saccharine Trust gleefully tossed in chunks of '70s progressive rock, avant-garde jazz, and funky kicks and pops into a stew already percolating with heavy(ish) metal riffing, shouted vocals, and extreme volume.

1. I Have...
2. Community Lie
3. Effort To Waste
4. Mad At The Co.
5. I Am Right
6. We Don't Need Freedom
7. Success And Failure
8. A Human Certainty
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